This survey assesses the truth of who you claim to be as a culture. Most companies advertise the culture they want to be...but their reality often proves otherwise. My survey discovers hidden elephants: areas where leaders and teams are not collaborating, communicating or aligning with their desired culture. From this extensive leadership survey, next steps are identified and implemented to create the culture that you truly want. Expecting your company to be in a growth trajectory without taking a hard look at the current environment, and what you are truly committed to, is keeping you from the results you want.

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From start-ups and entrepreneurship to corporate growth and succession planning, Sunderland Coaching brings over 100 years of experience in honing long-term, strategic goals and current next steps. We are experts at going beyond what needs to happen; we empower you to create and implement each phase of your vision. If you’re wanting support on reaching your goals for the next 3-10 years, we can help you begin this conversation.