Bethany Davis


Bethany Davis is a certified Conscious Leadership Coach. A natural products industry veteran, Bethany spent most of her career in environmental advocacy, regulatory affairs, government relations and policy work. Specifically, her focus has been in organic and regenerative agriculture, working to ban harmful herbicides and pesticides. Bethany loves nothing more than working an issue and creating real change! 

Her consciousness journey began through the work she did to process her father's death from cancer when she was 25 and her own cancer diagnosis when she was 32. After the birth of her two children through HypnoBirthing, she became a certified Hypnobirthing practitioner. She has coached and fostered conscious leadership principles in the natural products industry over the last several years.

She holds a Masters of Science in Regulatory Affairs and Health Policy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston, MA, is a certified HypnoBirthing Coach and a certified coach with The Conscious Leadership Group.