Meg Dennison

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Meg Dennison helps inspired leaders create fulfilling, playful and meaningful work lives and drama-free workplaces through the tools of conscious leadership.

Meg’s devotion to transformation, both personal and professional, renders her an inspiring force to her clients. She radically transformed her own life through the very work she teaches individuals and teams and she’s written extensively about the transformation of her marriage to an overworked executive. 

As a coach and consultant, Meg’s years as a reporter, community leader and non-profit administrator allow her to drill right to the heart of an issue, whether it’s forging a new career path or resolving conflict with a colleague. 

Known as grounded and direct, Meg’s also a pragmatist and a skilled questioner. She’s a deep and empathetic listener who challenges her clients and workshop participants with humor as they move toward success. 

Meg spent years studying with pioneers in Conscious Leadership, Katie Hendricks and Gay Hendricks. She is a Hendricks Big Leap coach and graduate of the Hendricks Institute’s intensive Leadership and Transformation program. She’s also a coach and culture consultant with the Conscious Leadership Group. As an International Mastermind Coach, she leads virtual masterminds for entrepreneurs. 

Meg is passionate about being outdoors, whether it’s biking, skiing, or enjoying the stillness of a mountain top. Meg has launched three young adults and is enjoying living on the West Coast.