LoriLee Sadler Bielski

I began working with Debra two years ago. In that time, I became clear on my own personal "why" and what the true nature of our business is. That clarity has enabled me to lead the organization from a place of curiosity and wondering that has fostered creativity and growth in the business. I am much more focused on the "why" of our business, which is about relationships and connections, than the "how" of our business. As a result, I'm less in the weeds - less stressed, less anxious, and more trusting that "what is" is what "should be." I'm more present to our clients' desires and more conscious of the business dynamics that hold them back and propel them forward. I am more candid, both with clients and staff, and fear less the result of candor, for I know the cost of withholding is far greater. This shift has freed our amazing team to live in their genius - to show up for our company and our clients with all of their abilities. As a company, we stand in who we are much more comfortably today, and we know sooner and with greater confidence when we meet potential clients who will be a good fit. We're protective of our culture and all that it enables, and we celebrate our awesome work.”

LoriLee Sadler Bielski  |  Managing Partner - Gamma Partners - Bannockburn, IL