Midwest Eye Professionals

"My intent was to hire Debra as my business coach, but what has evolved from our meetings has been a life changer. Due to our shared times, I have made internal discoveries leading to a better awareness of my overall being. This has afforded me the opportunity to make substantial changes in my relationships and how I communicate with my co- workers, family and friends. It has also led me to recognize my wants and the importance of their pursuit. We have recently embraced “our why” and are adopting the lessons of the Conscious Leadership Group in our workplace and the ensuing cultural shift has been tangible. The team’s energy and attitude are in a growth state and less tension and better communication has transpired. Team members have become more vulnerable and comfortable at our meetings in sharing their thoughts. This has led to insightful contributions which have enhanced our efficiency on multiple levels. The thought of our continued progression towards substantial change is quite exciting and brings more meaning to the workplace. I am looking forward to leading my team, and myself, to a potentially more fulfilling career/ life with the tools and guidance Debra continues to provide.”

- Ronald Carr  |  CEO of Midwest Eye Professionals - Orland Park, IL