An Overachiever’s Overachiever

As an overachiever’s overachiever, I can run around meeting goals while pushing past those around me. Or, sometimes I even push those around me to keep going. At that point, I do not notice who is around me.  Wow! How might that feel?

As I have been learning to slow down and put people first, I realize more and more how people most importantly want to be noticed and heard. I do not have to solve their concerns. If I just take time to connect with the person near me–observe who they are and appreciate their uniqueness, they are encouraged. Hearing what they have to say is the largest part of lifting their heart. I do not have to fix anything -just be human with them and listen.

This practice goes so far in the workplace as well-and builds unity, loyalty, creativity and ultimate results. Slow down with me today -observe, appreciate and hear those around you. This is the foundation of building an engaging environment and so worthy of achievement.