Business Relationship Success

Join me this next Thursday and really change your business!

Hosted by:
William David Company Marketing: Live This Day On Purpose-
People First w/Debra Sunderland

Next Thursday, May 14 on Google Hang Out
12:30 – 1:00 pm CST.

Business marketing authority +Dr Randi Ross, founder of the William David Company, is hosting a Google + event, simulcast on Google, Facebook and the VIP App. This week we are going to be with Debra Sunderland.

Debra Sunderland is an author, leadership/team coach, entrepreneur and motivational speaker who has been featured in several Chicago periodicals such as The Chicago Tribune, and Crain’s Chicago Business, as well as being featured on Fox National News and 190 North T.V., for her ability to achieve explosive growth and peak performance across any industry. She now focuses on the root of sustainable success for any company–relationships and team collaboration from the inside out. Debra turns her award winning coaching strategies to help people achieve what she personally has been able to achieve not only in business, but also in life. For the two cannot be separated.

We will be joined by one of the nations leading health industry marketing experts,+Dr. Alan Weinstein of +2nd Cousin Media and Marketing who’s 2 cents are always priceless.

All are invited to participate and bring your questions. Within the Google Hangout format you can come in and ask your questions of business marketing authority, Dr Randi Ross. If you prefer to ask your questions in writing-we will be monitoring the comments to handle that as well. Here is an opportunity to learn what we have already taught to 500 professionals and health institutions, while teaching them that having a community health program event builds brand identity, has a huge return on investment, and allows you to be brand yourself as an expert leader in your community.