Choosing a Successful Leader

In choosing a leader, I look at those who have been hugely successful in overcoming their own adversity. What is common? They all kept going. Their mindset was to focus on their strengths and calling at the moment in time.  And when I want to succeed in a particular way, I look to those who have already achieved what I want. I find that leader, or mentor and ask them to coach me. Asking myself what I want and going after it has been key to my moving forward. Being open to all that I can learn and striving to grow each day bolsters my commitment.

Next, I narrow what I am good at, what result I want, and what I need to do to get better, stronger, faster, more successful, etc.,  I keep my eyes and ears open. I watch for how a potential coach leads their life, how they interact with others and how they have responded to daily adversity.

I believe that we are all humans first and how we lead our life is how we lead others. Yes, we have differences among genders, cultures, experiences, desires, skills, education, and the list goes on. But to look beyond this is what has made the difference to me. Noticing the unique being, as is,  I hope to learn something from everyone. This attitude opens me up to the whole world– which is very exciting!

My approach to success in business and life is modeled well via my cycling and racing. I sought out the best racers and coaches that I could find–and I rode and trained with them. I showed up as just me.  Yes-it was a bit intimidating at  first, but I committed to riding with them  3-4 times a week. And as I did this, I grew and became stronger by pushing myself in all areas. Getting rid of fear, as I kept stepping forward and into the unknown.

Note: I did not notice that I was the only woman training with maybe 20-30 men,  I did not think to myself — how am I different? For we are all different!  I became a nationally ranked top racer my first year of racing against woman half my age –because of my mindset during my training. And in the business world, I look at the human before me–not their title,  and see them as valuable.

And when I get off track,  I remind myself that I am called to be the best me–just me and hone in on what I can continue to learn. I remember my purpose and goals and check to see if my activity, focus, work, thoughts, and relationships align. Asking myself what enlivens me, also brings more affirmation and direction towards my purpose. Not comparing myself  to another, but looking at my inner strengths and goals,  I practice my skills each day. And practice and more practice I do-even when I am tired, and I do not feel like it. I have chosen to be committed to myself first each day. My integrity to myself is what drives me to keep going. This is how I became a great racer –and leader of my family and business.

The alignment of oneself has to be first in all areas. If there is not an alignment, fear, unrest, depression and wavering take over. The key to success in life and business is just this. So let’s encourage others by being just who we are – and clearing a space for the other to do the same. Loving and respecting each other as humans first and foremost. Leading yourself well is successful leadership. Be you and change the world!