Growing From The Unexpected

As I am really faced with being still, I wonder what I can learn. Since I broke my foot this past weekend, I am unable to walk, ride my bike, or even stand for any length of time. And for an athlete who never enjoys being inactive, I am exploring my unforeseen path. A path that I would never have chosen.

Again–CHOICES-what are they now for the next eight weeks?At times, I am trying to pull my mind back from racing into despair. Quieting my mind, even when I was very active was not a part of my natural routine. I have had to continue learning to sit still and just be. And now with this body having to rest, I wonder how I can really be in the moment more than ever. Just because my body is forced to be inactive, does not mean that my brain will follow. What is needed though is Rest-oration–Body, mind and soul!

Also, I think of the companies and leaders that I coach. How they too are facing unknown results, consequences –and may even be feeling out of control. My coaching work is focused on how to be 100% responsible for oneself at all times. No blaming, shaming or trying to change another person–No blaming of self either. Instead, a wondering of how to grow and learn even during unwanted results is what drives leaders, teams and companies to greatness!

Deciding that my running around has been caboshed for a good reason, I still struggle to make sense of this. For me to be conscious, I have been learning to take one idea, task, and want at a time. I can practice breathing, being more present and feeling my thoughts all the way through to completion, as I wonder what harmony is for me. With my overachiever ways and successes along the way, I just have learned to keep going–to keep pushing through. Growth is sometimes painful and uncomfortable–In fact, I think that in order to stretch, there will usually be discomfort.

Continued lessons for me: these last few years, I am noticing that for a sustainable life of joy, connection, peace and lasting success, I too need to quiet my thoughts. Then being really diligent on where I choose to dwell makes all things flow from there. Relationships, businesses, environments are all affected by who I choose to be, and who you choose to be. It is very basic and true. Getting back to the basics…what does this look like for you? What “fractures” are you enduring in work and life –and what can you learn from this?

Loving this time and sharing what I continue to learn with my family, friends, and clients brings me happiness and a greater sense of purpose. As I put myself first, I am again reminded of how valuable each persons is –and that I can only give, after I fill up on the inside. How are you filling up and pouring into your teams?

How can you slow yourself down today and wonder? Who are you called to be right now–and how to shut off the noise around you?–What is most important in your thoughts?

We know that creating engaging, sustainable, conscious companies is the answer to luring in the next generation of leaders who want to make a difference. Today–will you remember with me to lead yourself first and practice engaging all of you –body, mind and soul? Slowing down to listen to yourself –can you hear who you are and how you are called to be 100% responsible to you alone?  Making this your foundation, you will call in your genius and shine wherever you are. And leaders who lead this way will draw others who align with changing the world–one person at at time.

Habits to observe: looking inside or outside for the answers? Reacting or creating? Honoring doing or being? With this noticing, you have unlimited choices and opportunities to shift, learn and grow. This is all very good!



con⋅scious [kon-shuhs]

1. aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
2. living with your eyes open