If you are really willing to make a change in your business–one of stainable success in all areas-you must put your people first. There is no other way. Invest in each individual and your returns will be astronomical. Working with people and how to collaborate, communicate, be 100% responsible– and how to make changes from the inside out is my specialty.

My current coaching at a logistics technology company made lasting changes within 6 months…

“I was skeptical when my work group began working with Debra, as we had a long history of not working well together and poor attention from our senior management. Deb won me over. She not only gave us ways for our team to work together better, but enlisted company leaders to pay more attention to what we need to succeed. I learned valuable techniques for creating a more positive and effective working environment — tools I’ve also used in my personal life!” Holly F.

When a person feels valued and heard–you gain a loyal team player who will give their best for you and your clients. It is the ultimate win-win for all. So invest in the BEING that is before you–then their doing will be more than just a goal. Reverse the process–being then doing. You will see an engaged person come alive. This is the answer to attraction and retention–and the bottom line. It is that simple.

There is greatness in all of us–let it come forward. Create a space for this and you will be amazed at the culture that will unfold. A culture where people want to come to work-with joy and purpose. Who would not want this? One person at a time–be the culture.

Choose your investment–time and money—put it in your people first. Get rid of a fear and blame driven culture by inviting creativity, curiosity, candor, and the whole person.

Connect with me, if you are ready for this growth in your business.