Intrinsic versus Extrinsic

As I coach business teams, I tend to see people looking outside themselves, focused on the other…But really in fact, we tend to do this in life as well.  Our view somehow turns to what the other person is or is not doing. What they “should”do or say. Then we get annoyed, upset and distracted from being who we are created to be.

What if for just this day and every moment, we practice looking more deeply at our own self? How to be fully and uniquely who we are -no matter where we are. And, how not be dictated by the people around us, but to be centered on personal growth-living fully right now.

A better day comes about, when I focus on my purpose for this day at hand and what is truly my responsibility. I am not tied to anyone else. Showing up more fully, as who I am takes mindfulness and practice. This is enough to focus on. I found that the freedom to let others choose to be who they are brings a peace and focus on myself. Looking to the other with “shoulds” being placed on them is a waste of my time and energy! Focusing on being my best self today–my biggest responsibility.