It Is About You

When we look outside of ourselves to fill up our needs and wants, we will always be searching for peace, joy, love and a lasting vision. To put ourself first, we have been told is selfish. But to the opposite–looking to others to meet our needs and expectations is not only self centered, but disappointing and frustrating.

Taking the time to fill up in the morning, first thing, I have made it a habit to be still, mediate and pray. Looking inward and searching my thoughts, I decide how I want to love and care for myself. What do I want to tell myself? How do I want to accomplish my athletic training? What steps do I need to take to move my business forward today? How can I be a blessing to my family, and those I meet this day? How do I then love others, as I am filling up on the love I have inside. For me, my love comes from a much bigger source-God. Freely given and unconditional-I take that in and try to love myself that way. I then try my best to share that with those around me. I want the love in my heart to overflow.

Then approaching the work day,  I am already able to help others and give my best without wavering or reacting to how someone else does or does not show up. It just is. They just are. I try to remind myself that I am only 100% responsible to me. My only control. As we all are.  To give freely, also takes away putting stress on myself and on others. Actually, there is an open space inside to look at growth opportunities–learning, and giving.

Making a lasting difference to others, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, starts with you. It is about you.