Joy This Day-Sustainable Engagement Crisis Solved

As we are off to a new day, I am thinking about how my heart is filled with joy. Not that anything has changed externally–just my focus has been narrowed to my inner being.

Setting my heart and mind on what is good has given me joy right now. This moment is all I have. Slowing my brain down even with my rushing around to get out of the door, I am aware of all my  blessings.

Noticing the green trees, pink flowers, the squirrel that lives in the tree above my house and the crisp air, I am thankful to start a new day. In fact, this is a blessing. I am breathing, and able to experience the love of people.The giving and receiving of love is a choice that I choose to engage in right now.

To give love and tell others what I see in them really honors them and validates how valued they are. We all just want to be valued for who we are. And this is my hope for all people–especially at work. How great to be in a company where people  are valued. And how awesome to choose to value one another, before tackling all of the tasks at hand today. The tasks will always be there…but the people may not.

Sustainable engagement is really quite simple. It starts with you.  We make it too difficult and waste energy -coming up with all the differences, issues, etc…We look at what is wrong, what is lacking and how we want someone to be, instead of  accepting just how special someone really is. The crux to it all-really is just caring about the other person for who they are and looking at the greatness that resides within them. We all have a unique, great purpose to fulfill today.

In fact, the best leaders look for that special piece that each person brings–the WHO they are– then they are matched to what they do! Great leaders look beyond the negativity and look to what can be. They notice all that is good right now and cultivate greatness from that. Putting people first with honor and value brings out the best in all companies–just notice retention, collaboration, creativity and productivity soar.

Currently, Gallup says that we are in a crisis state regarding our engagement at work.  Maybe it is just because we we have learned to run faster, to demand more, and rely more on technical engagement versus people engagement. People need to relate as people first. Feedback from a person not a screen is so needed now.  This day, noticing the person near us, and enjoying them as a gift like no other is the way to turn this state of crisis around. Let’s bring joy to work.

Final summary: Love one another. Serve one another. Lead yourself well, in order to lead others into greatness. Cultivate joy.