Joy-‘Tis The Season!

Do You Have It? Joy.

Revel and delight are synonyms to rejoicing. We don’t often hear of people taking delight each day. What would it look like for you to really have a deep happiness inside each day? If your answer depends on anything outside of yourself, you will hold a fleeting, inner spark that is snuffed by the world.

Can someone or something really give you sustainable joy? Where does it come from?

For I have come to realize that joy is a choice. Life, it is the playground for learning, always.That alone causes my heart to jump! The opportunities to create and recreate my life have been endless. What can I learn, and how can I grow to be my most awesome self? What really gladdens my heart is living a life of purpose.

And, joy is really a matter of perspective. What color are your lenses? Coolness: There is always the option to exchange for a different pair. You alone decide. Own your view.

And when the cold winds bluster about, it is then that I choose to notice the beauty in pain, loss, and the unexpected. My vantage point, each moment is my sole responsibility.

Shouting for joy, I am blessed to create life with those in my life: my children, friends, and clients. I am thankful for all the glorious beauty. My story and belief is that we are made for joy. What is your story? If your current one is not working for you, make 2017 your new chapter.