Just Be Your Great Self!

Focusing on the core of your greatness brings peace, joy and success in all areas of life. Really notice who you are and seek to follow what you already know to be true inside of you. Looking outward confuses us and leads to distractions. No one can be fully you and do what you can as you do–seek this and rise above mediocrity. Live your WHY–wherever you are. DOUBLE DOWN ON YOUR TALENTS AT EVERY TURN

“If you spend most of your life trying to be good at everything, you eliminate your chances of being great at anything. Unless your goal is to be mediocre at a lot of things, starting with what you are naturally good at is a matter of efficiency. Focusing on strengths is in many ways a basic time-allocation issue. Every hour you invest in an area where you have natural talent has a multiplying effect, whereas each hour you spend trying to remedy a weakness is like working against a gravitational force. Yet many people spend years or even decades working on weaknesses in hopes that doing so will make them well-rounded.
Do everything you can to avoid falling into this trap. While well-roundedness may be helpful for acquiring the basic tools in any trade—such as reading, writing, and arithmetic—it loses value as you get closer to finding a career. At that point, what’s more important and relevant is what sets you apart. If you want to be great at something in your lifetime, double down on your talents at every turn.”

—Tom Rath from Are You Fully Charged?