Noticing – The Game Changer

Noticing–the big game changer. Noticing is actually life changing! Taking in what I really look at, think about and then choose to dwell on has brought me joy, success and deep love. It has also brought me pain, fear and confusion. The great thing about this noticing is that I have to power to choose what I notice, and then what I want to do with that.

I am committed to joy in my life. As I know all to well that life can be taken away in seconds time, I notice more what I really want my life to be about.  And for me, it is looking at the greatness in myself and others. We all have a unique and beautiful inner being–even if we do not behave that way at times-It is true.

My other desire is to see success for others…for them to notice where and how they spend most of their day each day–and then to consider if that is the path they want to pursue.  For many of the people I know and coach, work is a big part of their life…filled with stress and unhappiness. I am wanting for others to have joy at work– For businesses to have more joy than fear as a motivator– And for business teams to spur one another on to greatness-even when work and life become uncertain and difficult. I believe this is possible-for I have seen a few companies choose this as a culture.

The impact of noticing the other person who is near us much of our day –taking in their goodness, not their faults, etc.. lifts their spirit, as well as our own. This again is a choice and with practice changes you, your work and your success. Business culture is made one person at a time.

Notice how you are showing up today at work, with your family and friends. Notice what you are saying to yourself and what you tend to focus on. If you don’t like it and want more for yourself -change it. It get’s easier the more you are aware of your noticing. This is the awesomeness of our brain. It really can grow and change as we exercise it! This I also know well–as I celebrate overcoming a severe brain injury that almost took my life two years ago. We can do anything–just notice!