Snuff The Burnout

A new day begins and most of us have fallen into a routine that has become a habit. We bounce out of bed, and race after a repetitive doing –And much of the time, we have gone unconscious. We continue on auto pilot- following what we have known and what we have become accustomed to. Sadly, most of us are waking up tired, stressed and disconnected. For most, we have misplaced our calling and replaced it with a busy routine –unaware, we continue carrying on as we always have.

But what if we learn to stop. Just to stop and be still for a few moments -right now. Notice. Think. Listen. Breathe. Smile. Who are you? Who are you called to be?

You are created like no other. I believe that you live and breathe right now for a purpose far greater than earning some paper. And, I think you believe this in your heart too.

What do you love? What fills you up? When do you feel most alive? Why not be still with those thoughts now and each morning? Breathe. Dream. Fill yourself up intrinsically. You know yourself best. You know what you want and who you want to be. Bring yourself to the world, this moment, being conscious –aware of just how unique you are. Believe that no one else can be you for a reason–for many awesome reasons. You are great!

I share this, because most of the executives I coach are exhausted and running on empty. They are burnt out. Some even tell me that they do not want to live the rest of their life like this–but they are uncertain of what to change.  Most people, for that matter suffer in a similar place. Fortunately, it is all about choices and the power we each have in deciding.

As I write, I am practicing this myself— taking this moment right now-to be me–to notice me and my thoughts.  I am committed to going after my purpose and calling. One that only I can fulfill.  My deep desire is for everyone to do the same. I am excited to give much of my life to help others find their work-life calling. This is my joy!  To coach others on becoming truly aware and how to be responsible to themselves first, sets forth a state and culture of conscious, transformational leadership.  Each of us has this opportunity! Growing in consciousness leads us to our full self and potential. We grow and strengthen our mind, when we create a new path with each decision.

To be 100% responsible for our work and life is actually freeing. Freedom comes with loving oneself and honoring our purpose. Moving away from blaming ourselves or others when mistakes show up, and choosing to give grace, curiosity, and creativity turns us towards endless learning and infinite possibilities.

Go after your joy today. Fill up on your greatness! Be conscious of who you are and choose to align your work with your unique calling. Snuff the burnout.