Tending to Your Life’s Work

Tending my garden today, I realized how much peace and joy I have connecting with the beauty of this world. Taking time to experience nature, I was breathing slowing and in the moment.

And, even though I adore riding my bike for long hours each weekend, and might feel sad if I do not get to, I allowed myself today to experience slowing down and stepping out of my “norm”.

Wondering and deciding, I want to experience life as is and more often-even when life is so often called to fulfilling tasks at work, etc…The most important reminder to me is that joy in the daily tasks of work is crucial! Pulling weeds in my garden was actually lovely, as I noticed all the amazing flowers as well. This to me was a beautiful picture of how life just is. Work comes with the fullness of hard effort and the opportunity to choose joy along the way.

Look around. If you do not experience joy, while tending to your work each day, notice your focus. Is this the place you are called to garden? If so, look at what is lovely in your day too. If it is not, find another space to align who you are with what you do. Life is too beautiful. Do not let it just pass by you. Decide where you are called to tend and live to your fullest–set your roots deep!