The Cost of Wanting

We all want. We want what we want and when we want it. Really. It takes practice and awareness to put the other person ahead of ourself. What does the other person need? How can I help them get what they want?

Most leaders of companies want their employees to give it their all, in order to obtain the goals set forth. Time, effort, sacrifice, and hard work that may take over personal and family time is usually demanded.

Companies desire to get what they want –many times at all costs. Yet, I wonder how leaders can truly invest in their employees. How can employees be valued and put first? What investment can be made other than money, and external motivation?

This wondering is crucial. It is life and company changing!

If you are a leader, how do you show that you care –really? What does it look like to invest in the other first? This type of leadership brings sustainable growth, and collaboration in all areas. Your Return on Employee is priceless. Notice what your teams want and need. Each comes with special gifts, talents, and purpose. We all want to be valued for that first and foremost. When this is the focus, people tend to do their best to support you. And the cycle is repeated.

This coming week, practice noticing the other person. I bet you will be inspired and fulfilled, as you take your eyes off of yourself and look to the other. I will practice with you. I would love to hear what you notice this week. Please share!