This Day…Choices

This day-the sun is up and the trees are green! Even though I did not sleep well and I am tired, I am choosing to be happy and focus on the good. I started out cranky-but decided that is not how I want to model life and relate to those I love and care about. Many people are tired-that is just an excuse for me to not be my best. And it does not feel good!

Choosing to be my best is moment to moment-regardless of the circumstances. It is my only real power–choosing how to be. And the cool thing is-if I choose something other than my best–I can make another choice. It comes down to how quickly I will make another decision.

We have so many unlimited choices all day long -every day. Looking for the best fit for ourselves and growing in that is just a gift! I am thankful.

Be you today and grow in your awareness of the many choices! Choose your best.