Ultimate Success in Being Still

I am being reminded in a big way that I have to be aware of how I am feeling and what I choose to react to. Pulling back and listening to my inner being without the chatter of the outside world has been my greatest need lately-But I have been wrapped up in all the doing of life and work that I started to spin out of control.

In the spinning, I can fall in to thinking that I am getting more done by going faster and faster by fulfilling my to do check list. But really, I am gaining stress, fear, and confusion, as my brain tries to process at locomotive speed. My clarity became foggy and my direction and purpose was getting lost.

This week, I have been very conscious of breathing, and focusing on how and what I am feeling then letting it go. Taking in a time to be still as a practice has been fortifying my ability to be clear minded and take just one moment at a time, with the results of peace, joy and greater accomplishments. These accomplishments may not be as many-but they are the ones that are truly sustainable — building the core of me, my purpose and my being.

Today, I feel stronger and calmer. My results –making wiser decisions and in the end more effective results. Be first then do. Listen to who you are and align with what you do. Going back to my own words of coaching advice has again proven ultimate success.