Whew! Taking a breath. Breathing. It is essential to life-right? Not just living, but a life that is full of joy, peace, clarity and productivity. Being aware right now-as I am a bit anxious -I practice breathing deeply from my belly. I notice my feelings and let them pass through. As I continue to breathe, this helps me to restore my thinking to a calmer, clearer and more productive state.

As I focus on what is most important, I also tell myself that all is really well right now. I have all I need and so do my children. There is no reason to panic -really. No lion is chasing me!

Sometimes, I think silly things–like what if I lost everything? I could probably live in a tent and figure out a way to buy the basics. Thinking of what could be the worst that could happen, and how the chances of that happening are slim-I can laugh and then live more fully in the moment at hand.

Oh yes! Laughing. What a great thing to try to also concentrate on. There is a funny side to life–somewhere. Or at least I can smile. This slows me down as well.

Joy. Looking at the joy in life. Making joy. Choosing joy-even when in pain, confusion, uncertainty, or anger –I have a choice. This fact alone–having choices– brings a sense of relief and allows me to breathe. And as I breathe again, I have less anxiety. As the cycle goes- breathing, noticing, choosing–I am never stuck–If I can breathe and choose.