Authentic Leadership: Letting the walls come down

What does it take to be authentically let go of the roles you play for success and approval?

People say they want to be who they are - and be accepted as is. I so get this!

To BE. This is the ALL of being authentic. Do you know how to BE? Unattached to doing - just who you are? Do you accept YOU for just being your unique self the day you were born? Is that in your consciousness?

Finding my way back to journey in life started with intense trauma and neglect. I learned ways to cope and survive.

At an early age, I learned to play many roles that provided approval, safety, and acceptance. For me, this meant hiding any sadness or fear. Playing the part to gain leadership status became my unconscious way to shine in the world.

Striving to be enough on the outside, I looked like a “successful” leader. The 2nd-grade student who would lead the class. The first chair violinist at the start of playing. The competitive athlete, winning track events. The competitive cyclist, 2nd in the nation in her first year, at age 42. And of course, a business leader in the corporate, non-profit, and entrepreneurial world, with accolades in local and national media.

What I’ve shared is not meant to brag. It is to highlight the relentless drive I had to keep going, to win and what it cost me. The cost: not knowing myself. The success that I built around me were walls to keep me safe - as if I were going to war each day.

You see - to take down these walls is to know me - to expose myself and come back inside. To love and accept the one in me who was so frightened, she devised a way to be safe in the world - unconsciously. This one found a way to have recognition and safety via being the best.

Whenever we don’t align ourselves with what we do, we lose energy and are not whole. The outcome is that we have constant tension inside of ourselves. This brings suffering and illness.

Returning to me means allowing and accepting me as I am - letting all the walls come down. My success is not who I am. To be an authentic leader is for me to drop the many roles that I have played to achieve success and come back home to me. To love self and then love others. To be kind and invite others to the wholeness that is already inside of self. To BE enough in this now moment, with no attachments to what others think or want, is the freedom to be me. This allowing also allows you to be you

Energy rises as we listen to ourselves and what brings us joy in our creating. Excellence combined with inner joy, expressed in our doing, brings us to our genius.

What is there for you to let go of? Where are you exhausting yourself to gain status, safety, or approval? What are the walls you have built to ignore you and live for others?

Will you allow the walls to come down, in order to be YOU - an authentic leader?

Transformation and the tools that will support you are available! I love to share what has brought me to this place of living with more joy, peace, and oneness. The possibilities live in awakening and choosing conscious you.

BE authentically YOU.

Exquisite Leader. Exquisite Life.