Transformational Leaders Start With Self-Love

Are you present to the miracles all around you? To recognize them is to be alive.

Do you see yourself? How are you a miracle?

To know self, and accept self is to love fully, without condition. Letting go of self-judgment is letting go of your thoughts that say you are not enough. Living in the do more - then you will be o.k. mindset is your unconscious fear and ego in the driver seat of your experience (instead of you).

Conscious self-love listens to your body, mind, heart, and soul. This love knows what a whole yes is in all areas of life.

I am passionate that leaders know this radical self-love. My belief is that many of us have lost our inner connection and a deep sense of self-love to the altar of what others think. We have strived most of our life to be accepted at school, work, and in our relationships. It is what we are taught from a young age - if someone approves or our schoolwork, our clothes, our sports, our work, where we live, how our children behave, etc… we then have value and acceptance. Our culture is driven by external success and accolades. We run this unconscious racket to earn ourself worth. When we are not sourcing our own love as leaders, we become demanding and critical of others meeting our needs.

Wake Up. Don’t automatically believe every thought that comes to your mind, or for that matter, someone else’s! I believe you already know what aligns with you. Choose loving thoughts. Drop those that are unkind. Because until you fill yourself with words and actions that bring joy, peace, and love to you first - you are not truly free to love anyone else. You know yourself better than anyone. Trust your knowing.

When we are unloving to ourselves it is easy to jump to unloving thoughts of others! This is how the ego works. Our work is to notice these thoughts, notice ourselves and then act according to what brings us joy (rather than reacting to fear). Full alignment is our goal. When we awaken to who we are and what aligns with us, we then create optimal results in life.

Loving ourselves is key to the change that this world craves. We cannot get this love from others, especially when they don’t have it to give. No one else can give you the love you most want; your own self-acceptance, self-approval, and care. It is yours to create and be in. We all have this power, and it is ours to own! As leaders, it is our responsibility to teach through modeling how we love and care for ourselves.

Love is in you and through you. Oneness to self (Integrity) creates the space for oneness with others and with the world.

Energy spent seeking love and approval outside of self provides an unstable foundation and, in essence, is fractured love. Radical responsibility to ourselves draws us back to going within, brings ease and flow and, is a whole yes and whole love to self. In this now moment where are you? Looking inside or outside? What are you saying to yourself? Friendly reminder: noticing is the key!

The universe flows in love when we get our hands out of others business. There is my business, your business, and God’s business. When we align our energy with the Universe, we learn to let it be and to appreciate all as is. Energy wholeness is staying in my space and remaining open to all. Inner constriction and defensiveness stop the flow and block oneness to self and with others.

Love is your choice. Many leaders are learning to practice loving and taking great care of themselves. You are not alone.

Create your exquisite, transformational leadership from the inside out.

Exquisite Leader. Exquisite Life.

Photo by: Olesia Bilkei