Claim Your Life





Not your work.

What are you running after? Is this what brings you the most joy?

Coaching CEOs and their leaders, I find that many have more money than most, lack nothing in this world - accept abundant peace, joy, and rest. They are the best at claiming their work!

All the striving and figuring out - to obtain the next stage of success - takes you away from the present moment of inner connection. Your life within is left behind. I know this to be true of me.

Looking outside of yourself for a fulfilled life is fleeting. If you have achieved greatness on the outside, ignoring your inner wants, you may feel tossed about by a rough sea. Many of us have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for security and stability.

You are like most of us - a seeker placing your intentions on extrinsic and conditional approval. Would you notice your gaze and return within yourself? Be still. Breathe. Appreciate who you are in this moment. Look deeper inside. Give tender love and acceptance towards yourself. Will you give this seeking one the love that is already within? Reclaim your one and only precious life. You give your inner love away, once you look beyond yourself. This love is not to be earned.

Breathe. Take in your awesomeness!
BE the change the world needs. Love yourself. Then love others.

Love is all around, if you see the one who is love. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Claiming your life is to be conscious of your moments. If you don’t have joy most of your days - your life and your work are not in alignment. 

Reminder: You have this one precious life. How you live your moments is your choice!

Claim your moments. Make them intentional. Be with what is. To be aware of your full self (feelings, thoughts, body senses) is to practice consciousness. Presence.

Celebrating life - I am passionate for my life, as I remember my six year anniversary this month, when my life almost ended. Placed in a medical coma, I awoke to live my life to the fullest. Waking up out of my daily coma - I am dedicated to living my moments on purpose. Waking leaders from their coma is my calling. Life itself is precious.

How can all of life be a tool to awaken your being?!

Wake up to you.

Exquisite leader. Exquisite Life.