What If?

Sitting out under the sun on this breezy summer morning, I am taking in my breath, the warm rays, and my thoughts...of efforting to make things, people, and life happen the way I want. Ha! How we all do this just to be happy and safe! But are we peaceful and just being with what is? I am blissfully distracted from sensing the sun on my body, the wind on my skin, the rise of my inhaling lungs, the movement of my hair, the tension in my hand, and the joy, and fear energy running in me. That is, until I notice my thoughts are taking over my present state.

Hmmmm... Breathing. What is here now? Out of my head and back into my body. I am. Just is. Allowing. Still. Connected. Wholeness.

Now I consciously ponder my thoughts:  Independence Day was celebrated this month. What is Independence? I notice that I laugh at this word. The battle that it took us to be “free” as a country. The battle that we have inside ourselves when we argue with what is. Our minds are a battlefield, until we notice and choose. Let go of the tumultuous, incessant, racing mind. Notice. Question. Choose. Be awake to the chatter. Choose again. Breathe. Your breath is always independent of your racing mind, as it freely supports your being. The most immediate way to ease your mind is to be with your breath.

Independence: Freedom from the fearful mind that hijacks joy and peace. To be with what is. To appreciate the now. Accept self and others. To know all is for us - if we choose the opposite of our limiting, defensive mind. 

What if you chose to make Independence a practice in your mind this moment? And the very next moment? I would love to know you on this journey. Share what you are learning. We all learn.

Peace. Joy. Love. 

Exquisite Leader. Exquisite Life.