Peace, Joy and the Enneagram

Peace. Joy. They go hand in hand. 

Anxiety. Overwhelm. They follow suit. 

So - what brings you peace and joy? What if it is not something you have to go get?

If peace and joy were to live in you at all times, how would you BE in your life?

I have peace and joy, when I notice my whole being. When I allow myself to create from a place of inner joy - I’m in a state of believing that I have all I need. I then act on what most fits me. When I don’t have peace, I am believing that I am lacking something. 

When I go within and still my racing mind - I realize that I create my experiences. My thoughts create my behaviors leading to my reality. My interpretation of myself, others, and situations are in my wheelhouse. When I own my wheelhouse - I am responsible for how I want to be. Anything other than that is acting from victimhood. If I do not have what I want inside of myself - peace, joy, love - that is solely my doing. Period.

The key to making my shift? I chose to wake up to my thoughts and do the opposite of what our culture has taught me. Our culture says that we are enough when we have and do enough. My being enough is not based on what I do! However, I create what I most desire when I am fully aligned with myself - mind, heart, body, and soul. I have had to relearn and trust each area of myself. They all matter equally. 

So now...what does this mean for you? 

Peace and joy are inside of you. You have the answers to life already inside of you. Learn to listen to yourself!  Becoming more aware of your mind, body, and emotional intelligence is your school. Looking outside of your inner knowing will always bring anxiety and frustration.

Learn about you and your wheelhouse. Access tools that bring you a deeper understanding of how you are wired and how to grow using all of your learning centers.

My discovery of the Enneagram, as an excellent source of inner exploration and wisdom, has transformed me and many leaders I know. At its core, the Enneagram helps us to know ourselves and others better, and discover our ego fixations. It highlights our blindspots, encourages our strengths, and shows us our path to wholeness. When practiced, the Enneagram provides a way to integrate the mind, heart, and body centers leading to whole-body decision making, rather than just from our head.

More peace and joy flow through us when: 1) we learn to be fully who we are, 2) notice when we are operating using only part of our learning centers, and 3) we stop trying to obtain peace and joy outside of ourselves. 

Come back home. Come within. Know yourself and appreciate how far you have journeyed. Your way has worked so far. However, you won’t get where you most want to go without deeper self-awareness.

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Self Awareness - the power to create your Exquisite Leadership. Your Exquisite Life.