What I hear from most people, no matter their role in life or work, is that they are stressed, tired, and on the run. The common mantra: “I can’t get it all done and don’t have enough time!”

What is making us run? What are we really after? These days parents and children are tightly scheduled and committed with little down time. We are leading our young children to the idea that success is in doing more. More checking email, more social media, more homework, more sports, more volunteering, more testing…Yikes! What are we creating and modeling?

As we are more connected to the world, we are more disconnected from ourselves and those closest to us. For example, social-media is a fantastic tool for staying connected, however, it also supports the belief that more and faster is better. It also allows us to check out-disconnecting from ourselves and each other.  We don’t connect to our inner knowing and peace. We unconsciously follow what is outside of ourselves. We splinter from our whole being.

As an Executive Conscious Leadership Coach, I notice that the CEO’s and leaders I partner with move at a fast pace to win, achieve mega goals, and grow billion-dollar companies. Yet, internal success and enoughness eludes their daily experience, even while their external lives appear to have it all. Little inner knowing is being listened to. Fear motivates decisions and actions. Joy and peace continue to erode, as stress and blame take over, while guiding leadership. Brilliant minds are on overdrive much of the time. Rest is not an option most days.

What is this culture we are creating? We don’t allow time to breathe, be still and reflect. We are exhausted by the time we slow down each day. This is the reality, at work and home, for most.

Stop right now. Breathe. Take 3 slow, deep breaths. Notice if being still is uncomfortable or even possible. Breathe. Be present to your breath. Breathe. Come inward to self. Be still for 2 minutes.

Striving to Be Enough. If you are looking outside of yourself for success…for any comfort, recognition, and acceptance that you are enough, you will never have it. The more you compare yourself to those around you, the more you will find a way to see yourself as lacking. Our disconnect with self causes stress, illness...internal drama. This is what kills us slowly - emotionally, physically, and relationally. No one else can give you what you most want and need -inner peace and fulfillment.

What if you are enough? And, you decide what is enough. You decide on how you want to live. In this now moment, you do have enough. Your heart is beating, your lungs are filling with air, and you are reading these words. You lack nothing right now. Future thoughts of the unknown bring anxiety and strife. Focusing on the past keeps you stuck and leads to depression. Let it go. You have the power to choose being present in this moment. What you tell yourself is what you create. What you believe is evidenced by all of your results. Accepting what is and consciously choosing what you tell yourself in the moment is the foundation to empowering yourself to live the life you most want. Awaken to your unconscious beliefs that keep you on the run and small. Results do no lie.

You are enough. It is your choice to choose what you believe right now - and the next right now. Also, know that your being is not based on what you do. Your purpose is more than doing.

Abundance Thinking. Aligning with what is in your heart, mind and soul is the connection to purpose. This is the root of internal abundance. It’s a state which allows you to create your life/work from a belief of fullness and appreciation. It begets more possibility and joy. Knowing oneself and what truly fits - a whole body yes – is your energy in flow, and you create without struggle. You notice and choose that which feeds your soul. You co-create win-for-all solutions in the world, because you are not viewing yourself, or your life, from a place of lack. Your connection to self expands, as you stand for you. You are able to support others, as you first love yourself.

What do you believe in your heart? What do you give your thoughts to? Reminder: If you are not getting the results you most want, this is your wake-up call always! Be still and listen to what you already know inside of yourself. Honor and be kind to the one and only you! Shifting to creating what aligns with you, to then sharing with the world from the inside out, is transformation. This is getting to your genius!

Coaching leaders to choose conscious transformation that brings inner and outer alignment is my absolute passion. I’m here to support your awakening to your amazing self.