Coming Home for Christmas!

The biggest gift you can give yourself, is the gift of loving and accepting yourself - just as you are.

For you to truly know that you are more than what you do, and not what someone thinks of you. The truth is that you become who you think you are. What are you telling yourself?

Coming back home to you means dropping all the externals that temporarily bring you joy, and appreciating yourself for who you are. You are like no other in the world, created to live with purpose that only you can uniquely fulfill - in all of history.

What you do is not who you are. Separating this is everything. Our ego does not believe this. Ego says do more, be better, go faster. And the world agrees with the ego. Our transformation is to notice the ego. Appreciate. And then choose to empower your full self, by creating a more loving thought that is in alignment to your whole being. Again, letting go of outside approval that the ego so desperately wants to cling to for security. Letting go of ego attachments and being in peace, in the now moment is the foundation to returning home.

Home is who you are regardless of where, who, or what is on the other side of you.

Give yourself the gift of inner alignment - mind, heart, gut and body. You know how this oneness feels! Come back to home. Sit with this one in peace and love.

Merry Christmas Beautiful Ones!