Present to Your Most Successful 2019

What will make your 2019 most successful?

Yes - as we plan for 2019, most people want to achieve something more, or different. And, most leaders believe that success is outside of themselves - at the effect of someone or something. Yet, we cannot control what is outside of ourselves. So, how will we ever have lasting success?


What do you most want? Where does this desire go, when you go about your daily life/work?

I will share my return to presence practice here.  Maybe you will want to join me! Success, one moment at a time.

For me, my want is to continue to know myself more. To wake up more quickly, to know.  Locating where I am (present or not) then choosing ease and flow. From this place, I consciously create a relationship to myself and others with more joy and peace. My work unfolds through my relationships, as I lead leaders on their own discovery of authentic wholeness. Being conscious of choice and present to what is as a continual practice.

The center of success is accepting all the results, while staying curious, as to how this is for learning - in all ways. How have I created this result? Going deeper is accepting myself and this result without blame. Then noticing if am I truly willing to shift. Am I willing to get out of drama with myself and others? What emotions are present - fear, anger, sadness, joy or creative energy? Hmmmm. Breathing and taking in all that is here for me now.

Reflect: When I have unwanted results, am I willing to be the creator of my life/work, and not be at the effect of anyone or anything outside of myself? I am open to owning just my responsibility? What have I not been facing? How am I limiting myself?

Believing that what I think on brings my feelings and actions - I have the power to create my result. Listening to my body, emotions, and mind in the moment is my practice. The more quickly that I am aware of my being state, the more success I will have in creating the results that I most want.

Creating what brings me the most joy is integrity to self and then with others. Listening to my inner being and knowing when I am off kilter is the opportunity to get back to presence. Here and now - what is my whole yes? Staying in presence and returning to it more quickly when I wander is my path to 2019 success.

Choose HOW you want to build your success before you focus on the content. The only one you are always responsible for is yourself. How you are being with yourself is your power to being an exquisite leader.