Want a radical shift in your culture? Have fun rediscovering each other and know yourself more. Interactive and transformative - a time where leaders and teams co-create for themselves and with each other, inviting new energy, clarity and connection. This is designed to each company’s needs, current culture, issues and wants. A great kick-off to bring The 15 Commitments into your organization or deepen your growing practice.

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This is a personal intensive open to leaders and all those who have decided they want joy and peace – alleviating stress and anxiety. You begin noticing the impact that your internal statements and beliefs have in creating your current experience. This retreat will focus on moving forward with new intentions, taking next steps, living in the moment and relating to yourself and others in a loving and kind way. You will learn to empower yourself by choosing the thoughts you focus on. You will be provided with tools to begin your transformation and expand into the life you most want to create.

Open to individuals and couples - this retreat is offered in the US and Europe.

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